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Bohemia Energy was founded in 2005. It started its business activities on the Czech energy market in 2006 by supplying electricity to corporate clients. Further liberalization of the market brought the opportunity to address households with more advantageous energy. Since 2008, it has also been offering its clients natural gas. This started the company’s growth, thanks to which Bohemia Energy is constantly consolidating its position as the largest alternative energy supplier in the Czech Republic. Bohemia Energy is one of the 100 largest Czech companies and is part of the Bohemia Energy energy group. With 1.2 million customers and an annual turnover of over 23 billion CZK, the entire Bohemia Energy Group is the largest group of alternative energy suppliers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It consists of seven energy companies – Amper Market, Bohemia Energy, Comfort Energy, Energie ČS, Europe Easy Energy, X Energie and Slovakia Energy, which operates in Slovakia.


Initial demands of Bohemia Energy were to be able to house a server on-premises based solution, which would enable the company to remotely sign contracts with its clients as fast and effectively as possible. Also, to be able to only pay for the real use – no upfront costs or overpriced licenses and ability to change the design of the software to Bohemia Energy’s design.

Signosoft has come with a solution – on-premises Signosoft server and monthly billing based on number of sent documents. Our software enables its users to send out documents for signing, the signer does not have to pay, nor to be registered. Signing can be done on any device the client deems appropriate, whether it’s a PC, laptop, 2in1 or any mobile device with a touchscreen.

Solution’s front-end is fully configurable and all graphic elements of the interface and notifications were changed to Bohemia Energy’s demands. For other energy companies which Bohemia Energy includes within its group there were the same requirements, but also needed was the ability to house all of the company’s signing into one Signosoft Server. Thanks to so-called multi-entity or multi-company support, which Signosoft developed in cooperation with Bohemia Energy, it is possible to have multiple companies operating within one server installation. Every company from Bohemia Energy group has its own signing app available on custom URL, their own administration console of users, templates, departments, etc., every company also has the app converted in their own design and the whole operation takes place inside of a single Signosoft server.

Amper Market, Bohemia Energy, Comfort Energy, Energie ČS, Europe Easy Energy, X Energie and Slovakia Energy now sign remotely with their clients. In 2020 Signosoft remote signature solution proved useful for the energy group, as this modern and faster way of signing also replaced the need to visit a branch office, which was at the time impossible. Signosoft also saves time and resources by simplifying the processing of signed documents in the back-office. Option to implement an API integration to other systems was used as well to streamline the whole signing process and input of Signosoft’s server and large multi-company operation into new and existing systems used in the energy group.

Work should be about the decisions you make, not about the unnecessary paperwork. 


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