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O2 Czech Republic is a company belonging to the PPF investment group. As an ICT service provider, it currently manages nearly 8 million mobile and fixed lines. It is the only provider in the Czech Republic to operate both a mobile network and a fixed telephone network under the O2 brand. The company was also the first to launch a 3G mobile network for commercial use.


Operator O2 has introduced a handwritten digital signature in its branded stores. Handwritten digital signatures have replaced plain paper documentation. In doing so, O2 has achieved faster customer service, strengthened contract security and contributed to environmental protection by reducing printing and overall paper usage. O2’s average savings exceed the 2 million A4 sheets printed in O2 branches each year. O2 customers already benefit from the digitisation process by avoiding long waiting times. In the past, customers had to wait up to four days for activation in the case of contracts with external partners due to complicated paperwork. Thanks to the online transfer to the O2 servers, the process has been considerably accelerated. Signosoft’s multi-platform solution has been deployed across all business channels – standard Windows or Citrix PC workstations and on Android mobile tablets. The robust client-server architecture also makes it possible to quickly add any new device that supports biometric signing technology in the future. The solution is still evolving according to O2’s requirements.


Work should be about the decisions you make, not about the unnecessary paperwork. 


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Czech Republic

ID: 243 07 190
Phone: +420 224 311 176