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About VIG – Kooperativa and ČPP

VIG is one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1824 and in the 80s. years 20. century, it spread to the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia), where it established the insurance company Kooperativa. In 2006, Vienna Insurance Group was introduced as a global brand. In Central and Eastern Europe, subsidiaries use it alongside their original name. In 2008, a new capital increase enabled the acquisition of Erste Group’s insurance business, making VIG the market leader in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2018, VIG transformed its insurance subsidiaries Pojišťovna Česká Spořitelna and Kooperativa into one. In addition, Vienna Insurance Group is represented in the Czech Republic by another insurance company – Česká podnikatelská pojišt’ovna.


Signosoft produced solutions for all three VIG members in the Czech Republic – Kooperativa, PČS and ČPP. All the projects were similar in that the new solution was implemented into the companies existing system. Using a client-server solution, the implementation was completely seamless in all three cases. Under the current commercial use of the VIG insurance policy, handwritten digital documents are now allowed. When signing the contract, the user is redirected from the web application to the Signosoft signature server, where the client, advisor and possibly other persons sign the contract. After signing, all documentation is provided to the client via the repository. The client logs in via a link sent by the insurance company to the e-mail and a control SMS code. The signed original is stored in the insurance company’s long-term electronic archive. The solution is based on the Signosoft thin client, which supports server-side document processing and thin client imaging and signing. In terms of client apps, Signosoft allows you to work in Windows, Android and iOS environments. The solution is constantly evolving to meet any additional requirements of companies. With the help of Signosoft, all Czech members of Vienna Insurance Group have achieved cost savings, simplified the work of their advisors and increased the number of electronically signed and archived contracts.

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