Electronic signatures are becoming a new norm today. Most of us have a smart phone, we used to pay contactlessly even with a watch, so why stay with a complex model – print, signature, scan, mail… Because honestly, which of you has a printer at home nowadays?

Why to replace an outdated method with an electronic signature?

1. Save time

With an electronic signature from Signosoft, the signature process will take you an average of 80% less time. Our application is easy, just a few clicks and your signature is inserted in the document and suddenly in the recipient’s mailbox. It couldn’t be easier.

2. Save money

There are high costs associated with the traditional procedure of signing documents. Whether it’s postal services, printer toner or increased administration costs, you can definitely save money by introducing an electronic signature.
In the last article, we compared the expenses for the traditional signature method with our Signosoft application at a medium-sized company. When signing an average of 300 documents a month, such a company saves up to 57% of costs, which can be more than 200,000 CZK per year.

3. Be ECO with us

By traditional signing, we do not contribute to the sustainability of our planet. On the contrary, with the use of the Signosoft application, we can save thousands of trees together. We have already succeeded in that matter together with our clients. Be eco with us too!

4. Trust us. Legally binding as a classic signature

The electronic signature is legally binding and enforceable worldwide. Legislation in the EU as well as in the USA views it in the same way as the traditional form of signature. Our solution is certified for full compliance with eIDAS and GDPR. In addition, it has a high degree of security thanks to data encryption.

5. Keep your documents in one place

In Signosoft you will have all created and signed documents stored together. You can filter between them, you can see if they are already signed by all parties or who they are still waiting for. In short, a clear system for storing your documents.

P.S. Haven’t we convinced you yet that it makes sense to start signing electronically? So imagine it easily. With our application, signing no longer bothers you. On the contrary. It is fun. It couldn’t be easier.

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