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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) is an independent financial services provider and global financial services company of Daimler AG. It handles and provides leasing, finance and insurance products for both car dealers and end customers. Traditionally, contracts between a company and its customers are signed on paper. Daimler AG places great emphasis on service quality and sustainability. MBFS therefore decided to switch to a modern digital solution.


Our partners at MBFS were looking for a solution that would allow their agents and customers to digitally sign contracts from anywhere. The solution had to be compatible with signature pads and tablets. MBFS was already using contract creation and document archiving software and required Signosoft to provide a solution built on its existing infrastructure. The task was to create an application for server integration. Our intention was to develop a completely new application that would be able to take a contract generated by the current system, modify it if necessary, insert digital signatures and send it back to the archiving system.

For Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Signosoft delivers a customized digital signage solution that enables the company’s agents to sign contracts electronically anywhere, anytime. Signosoft has provided a comprehensive service that meets customer specifications and requirements in accordance with industry safety and legal standards. Our team created, tested and integrated the application and recommended a certification authority. The subsequent certification was successful. Signosoft is now also implementing the solution for the Slovak market.

Employees and customers of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services now use biometric digital signatures on tablets and signature pads. Electronic signing is now possible anywhere – with portable tablets or directly in the office on signpads. The solution is fast, secure and cost-effective. The whole process is automated, signed contracts are immediately sent for archiving. Signosoft has sped up transactions and reduced paper consumption, Signosoft’s application is easy to use and gives MBFS a modern image.


Work should be about the decisions you make, not about the unnecessary paperwork. 


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