Electronic signatures are more secure, faster, and cheaper than standard signatures. What other benefits do you get when you start using them?

1. You sign the entire document

In the first place in the case of a multi-page contract, the signature is usually put at the end of the document. As a result it is possible to easily change unsigned pages without the knowledge of anyone else. By contrast, you validate the entire document with an electronic signature. It is thus encrypted as a whole and certified. If someone changes part of the agreement, you will be notified that the document certification is no longer valid.

2. The whole process of signing a document in one place

With Signosoft, you can efficiently monitor and manage the entire electronic signature process. That is to say that you can see the status of the document in real time, receive signature notifications, and send reminders as needed. Furthermore after signing the document, we also have the so-called audit trail. It records every step from inserting the pdf into the application to the final signing by all signers.

3. The signature cannot be forged

Falsifying a paper signature is too easy, someone can copy, scann or trac it with a pen. However, in Signosoft, the signature is bound to a specific document instance and monitored as part of a multi-step signature process.

4. The signature cannot be dated retrospectively

For standard signatures, signatories can enter any date or time they choose, allowing one party to change the “active” signature date without notifying the other parties. Whereas in Signosoft, the date of the signature may or may not be recorded in the signature stamp (this is entirely up to you). Nevertheless, you will always find it in the audit trail, including any other partial changes to the document.

5. Easy verification

Verification of a paper signature requires a different handwritten signature from the same signatory for forensic comparison. If no other signature samples are available, no one can established authenticity. On the contrary, we can use multiple authentication methods with Signosoft to guarantee the identity of signers. In particular e-mail verification, through two-phase sms validation to the BankID or OCR scan function.

6. Saving documents in electronic form

Reduce the cost and hassle of storing hundreds of documents over time. Electronic archiving is much cheaper and more efficient. Moreover you can easily search for documents or send them to the other party in seconds.

Haven’t decided on electronic signing yet? Send us a non-binding request and together we will find the best solution for you.

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